Communities in Schools

The mission of Communities In Schools is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.

Bran-Den Bailey

Site Coordinator for Stiles Elementary

Hello, My name is Bran-Den Bailey, and I am the Site Coordinator for Stiles Elementary School. As a Site Coordinator, my main focus is to work with the school’s administrators to assess the needs of students. These needs range from academic assistance, basic needs, behavioral intervention, community learning, and parent engagement. My ultimate goal is to develop a plan to provide support to the student body, staff, and parents to be successful as a community here at Stiles.

Listed below is a brief summary of the services Communities In Schools provides:

  • Academic and Attendance monitoring and support

  • Behavior Management (Decrease disruption & work with staff for increased positive behavior)

  • Volunteers (Promote Personal growth, educational, and cultural enrichment)

  • Community Service Projects (Opportunities provided for students to give back and become active participants within their community), depends on COVID-19

  • Incentive Programs (for school attendance, academics, leadership)

  • Health/Critical Needs (support w/ examinations/treatment for medical, dental, and visual needs for students without adequate insurance, refer out as needed)

  • Assessment/Counseling (referrals to counseling & psychological services)

  • Parental Involvement Activities (parent workshops and meetings)

  • Family Support (Referrals to community agencies for food, clothing, shelter, and utility assistance)

CIS Elementary Program is designed to prepare students for life, with an emphasis on academics, attendance, and excellent behavior exhibited daily. It is my goal to help our student successfully navigate through school by broadening their perspectives, enhancing their leadership skills, and developing their personal and social attributes while engaging parents to actively participate alongside their student.

Communities In Schools wants to make sure each student gets off to a great start and continues to be successful throughout the school year. Communities In Schools is part of the nation’s largest stay-in-school network. Our mission is to surround students with a community of support, empowering them to stay in school and achieve in life.


Bran-Den Bailey

Miaya Green

Site Coordinator for Stiles Elementary


It is my pleasure to introduce myself as Miaya Green. I am the second site coordinator at Stiles Elementary School for Communities in Schools. This is my first year working full-time in a school and my first year with Communities in Schools. I hold a bachelor's degree in Social Work. I enjoy watching movies, spending time with my family, and getting to know new people.

I look forward to helping students with their academics, behavior, and attendance.

I am looking forward to the new school year.